Our Response to the June 27, 2023 Letter from Joel Ivy

June 28, 2023


Dear Lubbock Residents,

As we continue to steer towards energy deregulation, we're witnessing historic strides by Lubbock Power and Light (LP&L). While their initial timeline proposed a go-live date in October following a tentative customer shopping window in August, the final federal approval that was expected on April 23 has been delayed. LP&L remains confident that the approval will come soon. Upon the green signal, official dates for the advent of competition will be set.

As your trusted source of information, we at Power 2 Choose Lubbock are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. We're updating our website continually with educational materials to help you understand the forthcoming changes. Look forward to ongoing social media campaigns and local group presentations that will answer your questions and provide regular updates as the summer progresses.

Source: https://lpandl.com/
Source: https://lpandl.com/


Here's a nutshell of what you can expect: Retail Electric Competition. This significant development allows you to compare and choose your electric providers, much like how you select your mobile phone or internet plans. You'll have the liberty to choose a provider that best fits your needs. To facilitate this shift, all remaining customers must transition to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Following this transition, LP&L will no longer act as a provider. They will focus on delivering electricity from your chosen provider through the infrastructure they currently own and maintain, such as poles, meters, wires, and lines.

As we inch closer to this transition, we encourage you to share your thoughts via a short customer survey about LP&L's move to retail competition. Your feedback is invaluable to us and will help in disseminating this information more efficiently. You can find this survey on our website.

Once retail competition is live, you can visit PowerToChoose.org, enter your Lubbock zip code, and browse through all the available plans. The site provides useful tips on comparing providers. You can also find shopping information on our website.

For more information, we recommend viewing recordings of past community meetings on retail electric competition on our website. Additionally, visit our FAQs page for answers to common questions.

As always, our team at Power 2 Choose Lubbock is ready to support you in navigating this new energy landscape. Here's to a future where you hold the power to choose your energy!

Best regards,

Your Power 2 Choose Lubbock Team

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